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Palveshey is a storyteller that uses her intuition and awareness to help others rewrite their stories. Palveshey has helped the greatest leaders from all walks of life, cultivate joy and fulfillment from within while balancing their external worlds.


Most recently Palveshey taught mindfulness to preschoolers until she decided to shift her focus to adults. Previously, Palveshey served as an AI Researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to this she served as a lecturer at the University of Florida’s World Bank Program and an adjunct lecturer at Harvard University. Palveshey has an exemplary academic background ranging from graduate studies in financial technology from Harvard to post graduate studies in Quantum Physics. She has taught subjects from blockchain technology to block universe theory. After an extraordinary journey of her own, Palveshey has now geared her mission towards helping to spread consciousness and self-awareness. 


While Palveshey has received many accolades, and built a heroic resume, ultimately the biggest challenge she has faced in her adult life is realizing, just a couple of years ago, that she was nonetheless depressed, addicted to drugs, and unable to face severe trauma from her past. Now, Palveshey is on a mission to help others do what she has done:  Take ownership of their life by transmuting their current pain, suffering, and limiting beliefs into positive energy.  She believes that the most advanced technology in the world is the human body, and if it can be truly harnessed, a person can do anything that they set their sights on.

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