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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Witches call it spells, Christians call it prayer, spiritualists call it manifestation, atheists call it the placebo effect, scientists call it quantum physics, everyone’s arguing over its name, but no one’s denying its existence.

So what is it?


One of the remarkable discoveries of quantum physics is known as quantum entanglement. To describe this phenomenon briefly, imagine that there are two basketballs sitting on the floor on opposite sides of a gymnasium. Now imagine that we pick one of them up and as we do, we see that the one 75 feet away moves upward exactly in unison with the ball in our hands. So, we start bouncing the ball in our hand and we see the one on the other side of the room bouncing exactly in unison.

Trippy right?!

At the microscopic level of electrons and protons, We don’t just have to imagine it. This phenomenon of “action at a distance” has been experimentally confirmed and is one of the most intriguing aspects of quantum mechanics. When two electrons are created in the same place at the same time, the state of one particle becomes instantaneously and forever connected to the state of the other.

One of the properties of an electron is spin and we can only have two electrons in the same place if they have opposite spin, one has a negative spin and the other has a positive spin.

What we find is that if two electrons are created together with opposite spin and we shoot them out to opposite ends of the universe and then change the spin of one of them, the spin of the other will change at the same time. Even though they are no longer together, each one shifts immediately in response to a shift in the other and by immediately, I mean exactly at the same time, no matter how far apart they are.

In this way, two electrons are “entangled”, hence the term “quantum entanglement”.


Quantum entanglement and the concept of manifesting are seen by some as deeply interwoven.

Quantum entanglement observes that two or more particles can become interconnected such that their state properties become dependent on each other, irrespective of the distance that separates them.

The concept of manifesting, on the other hand, arises from metaphysical thought and proposes that one can bring about tangible changes in one's reality by focusing and directing thoughts, beliefs, and intentions.

These two concepts are interlinked primarily through the idea of the observer effect in quantum mechanics. This principle suggests that the act of observing or measuring can affect the observed quantum system.

When this principle is coupled with the concept of manifesting, it gives rise to fascinating speculations. If our conscious observation can influence quantum events and quantum entanglement permits instantaneous connection, it could be possible that our thoughts - the products of our consciousness - could have a real and immediate effect on the physical universe. It's almost as if we could "think" our reality into being.

This suggests that the reality we experience might be much more intertwined with our internal thoughts and perceptions than we ordinarily perceive. Further, we might not be mere spectators in the universe, but active contributors to the shaping and unfolding of our reality.


A couple weeks ago I was at the airport coming back home from a conference.

There were two men in front of me at the security checkpoint. While one of them was having trouble accessing his ticket the other turned around to me and said “just my luck, I’m always in the slow lane”. I smiled and thought to myself “I’m sure we’ll get through this in no time”.

Once we got through the checkpoint, we split into separate lanes to go through security.

I put my belongings on the belt and seamlessly made my way to the other side.

This gentleman however, kept getting stopped. His bags were pulled and checked, the metal detector kept going off; everything that could have slowed him down, did.

I was behind him in line but somehow got through before he did. It was almost as if life heard him when he said “just my luck”.

Our minds and words can be powerful. We are constantly manifesting our reality. We have more control over our lives than we think we do.

The intersection of quantum entanglement and manifestation offer a compelling and thought-provoking avenue for exploring these mysteries of existence.

The ancients had a simple way of describing this connection: “All is Mind.”


The first Hermetic principle, known as the Principle of Mentalism, states "All is Mind." It suggests that everything in existence is a mental construct, implying that all perceived reality is, in fact, a projection of consciousness. This understanding is central to many spiritual and metaphysical traditions.

In the context of quantum entanglement and the concept of manifesting, this principle offers an intriguing connection. If all reality is fundamentally a mental construct, as the Principle of Mentalism suggests, then our minds having an influence on reality -- the basis of the manifesting concept -- becomes an inherent part of this worldview. In essence, our thoughts and intentions could be seen as shaping and reshaping the fabric of our perceived reality.

If "All is Mind," then the apparent separateness of objects in the physical world is an illusion, and deep, instantaneous connections, like those seen in quantum entanglement, are not only possible but a fundamental aspect of reality.

This perspective is further supported with the quantum mechanics observer effect, where the very act of observation influences the outcome of a quantum system. If we accept that the universe is a mental creation (as suggested by "All is Mind"), then our consciousness, through observation, potentially playing a role in shaping physical reality, is in harmony with this understanding.

In this light, the interplay of the Principle of Mentalism, quantum entanglement, and the concept of manifesting offers a unified, holistic view of reality -- a reality where consciousness is not a passive observer but an active creator, continually interacting with and shaping the fabric of existence. This perspective invites a transformative understanding of our relationship with the universe, encouraging us to perceive ourselves as active participants in the dance of creation.


When unifying the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, the concept of manifesting, and phenomena such as quantum entanglement, having conscious, intentional thoughts takes on profound significance.

If "All is Mind," as the Principle of Mentalism suggests, and if our thoughts can influence our reality, as in the concept of manifesting, then each thought we have is essentially contributing to the creation and shaping of our reality. Thus, our thoughts aren't just internal mental processes; they're the tools with which we interact with, influence, and shape our perceived world.

By consciously choosing our thoughts, we're effectively choosing the nature and direction of this influence. Intentional thinking, in this context, becomes a creative act. Rather than letting our thoughts be reactions or the product of unconscious patterns, consciously chosen thoughts become the blueprint for the reality we wish to experience. They become seeds we plant in the garden of the universe, guiding what experiences grow and blossom.

Furthermore, if the interconnectedness suggested by quantum entanglement holds, our intentional thoughts could potentially have far-reaching influences beyond our immediate personal reality. As such, consciously directed thoughts could have the power to contribute to broader change and shared realities.

In essence, the power of conscious, intentional thought is not just about personal development or individual wellbeing. It's a creative act that plays a vital role in shaping our personal reality and potentially the shared reality we all participate in. It signifies the empowerment of the individual as an active participant in the universe, creating and molding reality through conscious intent. This perspective thus invites a greater responsibility for our thoughts and their impacts, encouraging mindfulness, intentionality, and active participation in the creation of our life experiences.


According to this perspective, which intertwines the Principle of Mentalism, quantum entanglement, and the concept of manifesting, keeping others in our prayers could have a significant impact. If "All is Mind," and our thoughts can influence the fabric of reality, then our prayers, being concentrated and intentional thoughts, could potentially have a powerful effect.

Prayer is often seen as an expression of empathy and compassion, a way of mentally and emotionally reaching out to someone. When we pray for others, we direct our thoughts and intentions towards their well-being. If our minds indeed have a manifesting capacity, these prayers could contribute positively to the circumstances or health of those we pray for.

Moreover, through the lens of quantum entanglement, we can appreciate the profound interconnectedness of all things. If our minds are part of a greater, interconnected Mind, as suggested by the Principle of Mentalism, then our prayers could resonate across this interconnected network, reaching the individuals we're praying for. It’s like the metaphysical blockchain.

In essence, keeping others in our prayers may be a way of utilizing our inherent connection and potential influence to benefit others. This not only reinforces our sense of unity and compassion but also imbues our thoughts and intentions with a meaningful purpose. It's a testament to our ability to care for each other and a recognition of our collective interdependence.


Before we ask for anything, we must first give thanks. There is no manifestation without gratitude.


Don’t be afraid to verbalize dreams and desires. Speaking our minds to the universe, God, energy (whatever we wish to call it) is a powerful act. Speak with a loving intention.


In order for the universe to answer us, we must first provide a clear request. If we don’t know what we want, how can it appear for us? Get clear on desires and, more importantly, the intentions behind them; the answers will follow.


It’s not just about getting clear on our desires but how they make us feel. If the desire is money, understand that the feeling we’re looking for may be safety, security, confidence, power, or peace. If the desire is a romantic partnership, the feeling we may be seeking is love, being valued, nurtured, or unconditional acceptance.


When we give all our energy to what’s going wrong instead of what’s going right, we become blind to all the good that’s surrounding us. Remember, we can’t see everything that’s happening for us right now. When we focus on what’s going wrong, we are manifesting our fears. Remember, manifesting doesn’t just work with abundance, it can also work in the opposite direction.


We can lose sight of everything we’ve already manifested simply because we become used to it. This is the opposite of gratitude. Instead of using our gratitude to empower manifestation, we move our focus to the next thing we don’t have. This only supports a scarcity mindset.


We wish, we wait, and we want... instead of willing abundance to form through means of planning and strategy. Manifestation, although it works for us, requires us to work as well. Like any relationship, it’s a two-way street. There’s always give and take.

As the old adage goes, “God helps those who help themselves”.


Wake up each morning with thoughts of gratitude, spend time each day in meditation and prayer, and get in the habit of remembering our spirituality on a daily basis. This is how we slowly connect to our spiritual self on a deeper level.

Manifestation isn’t just about cultivating abundance for ourselves. While self-love is important, true love allows us to keep others in our prayers.

God, universe, energy...

No matter what word we use to describe it, the truth is that we are all connected to a higher power.


We get tired, we’re flawed, we get distracted. But there’s a higher energy that allows us to surpass our human tendencies. When we only rely on ourselves, we don’t get very far. But when we choose to pull from a higher power, a higher love— we’re able to do incredible things.


The exchange of energy between us is infinite, constant, and something we don’t have to fully understand in order to use. We simply need to choose to participate. There are endless resources around us to feel good, accept love, and be fully present. Let them all in.


A higher power exists within us, around us, above us... and it always has. This isn’t about beginnings and endings. Love is expansive and abundant. This higher power is looking out for us always, in all ways.


1. Spend time in silence to connect with the universe.

Get quiet and start listening to the signs and sounds around and within us.

2. Pray and meditate.

There’s an old saying that says prayer is the way we speak to God and meditation is the way God speaks to us.

3. Get enough rest.

How are we supposed to be good vessels if we don’t feel well physically? Giving our human body what it needs to feel energized allows our spiritual self to operate at a higher level.

4. Prioritize service.

If we look around, we’ll notice that everything in nature is choosing to be of service. The trees, flowers, animals, rain, dirt... they’re all serving a purpose. Who isn’t usually choosing to be of service, however, is us. We were placed here for a purpose— to do good and give back.


These are our humble requests. What are we sincerely asking for? What do we require to better serve the world? Are we asking for the betterment of ourselves or the betterment of all? Imagine it, then ask for it.

Create a vision board. What aspects of your ideal life will you include in it?


Because they define our relationship with absolutely everything.

We could have all the money in the world and still think it’s not enough. We could have all the love in the world and still think we are unwanted. We could have all the challenges in the world and still think we’re so lucky and grateful to be alive.

Manifestation is our relationship with the universe.


What are you thinking about right now?

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This is by far the best explanation of the effects of consciousness in our lives. I love how you made it so easy to understand and even gave examples of how to transform our thoughts and change our lives.

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