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In the complex interplay of psychology and human behavior, the feeling of entitlement emerges as a notable factor. Entitlement can be described as the ego colluding with the mind, creating an alluring narrative that justifies the pursuit of short-term gains. The driving force behind this collaboration? The tantalizing allure of immediate dopamine hits.


The ego is a formidable entity. Acting as a puppeteer, it manipulates our thoughts and decisions to cater to its cravings. When the ego seeks gratification, the mind crafts compelling stories—rationalizations, justifications, even grandiose illusions—aimed at satisfying these fleeting whims. These short-lived satisfactions are tantalizing, but they blind us from recognizing the chains that shackle us. In chasing these quick rewards, we become prisoners, missing out on the true essence of freedom.


Contrary to popular belief, true freedom is not about indulging every desire. It's about discipline. It's about recognizing the deceptive games the ego plays and choosing to rise above them. It's about acknowledging the fleeting nature of dopamine-driven highs and seeking more profound, lasting joy. By training our mind to be curious about its intentions, we can peer behind the curtain of our desires, understanding their true nature.


Before we can master our minds, we must first understand them. Recognize that every impulse, every craving, is a product of years of conditioning and neurological responses. Our brains are wired for immediate rewards—but that doesn’t mean we must be slaves to this programming; it’s never too late for a software update. By understanding our brain’s tendencies, we can learn to navigate its traps, working towards our higher goals and purposes.


There's a profound difference between what we want now and what we want most. The former is ephemeral, while the latter aligns with our deepest aspirations and values. Trading the immediate for the ultimate is a sacrifice, but it’s one that benefits not only us but also those around us.


Imagine for a moment that our consciousness is akin to a patient, wise parent. The mind and the ego, on the other hand, can often resemble unruly children: reactive, impulsive, and easily swayed by immediate desires. Like any parent-child relationship, the dynamic between our consciousness and its ‘offspring’ is one that demands understanding, patience, and consistent guidance.


Children, without guidance, can give in to their whims without considering the consequences. The ego, driven by self-importance, often behaves similarly. The mind, with its incessant chatter and inherent fears, can be likened to a child voicing every concern out loud, seeking attention and reassurance.

As the overseeing parent, our consciousness must play the pivotal role in guiding these ‘children’. This guidance isn't about suppression or denial; rather, it's about providing clear, nurturing validation and communication.


Effective parenting relies on clear communication. Similarly, our consciousness must communicate with the mind and ego with clarity and compassion. It’s about understanding the mind’s fears, recognizing the ego’s desires, and gently guiding them towards a middle path of balance and wisdom.

When the ego yearns for validation, our consciousness can acknowledge this need and communicate the deeper values that are more fulfilling in the long run. When the mind spirals into a vortex of anxious thoughts, our consciousness can act as the grounding force, reminding it of the bigger picture and the transient nature of our worries.


Like children, the mind and ego also need validation. It’s essential to recognize and validate their feelings without being swayed by them. This validation isn't about indulging every whim but acknowledging their existence and purpose. By doing so, our consciousness nurtures a space where the mind and ego can grow, evolve, and mature.


In our journey towards discipline and self-awareness, the way we approach the dynamic between our consciousness, mind, and ego makes all the difference. By treating our consciousness as the guiding parent and the mind and ego as evolving children, we can foster a relationship rooted in understanding, patience, and growth. Through clear communication and validation, we pave the path to a harmonious inner world, where each element plays its part in our holistic well-being.

Though it's tempting to sprint through life in pursuit of fleeting joys, remember life is a game, not a race. Patience can wear thin when chasing our grandest dreams. Yet, the universe has a mysterious way of aligning itself with those who are clear in their intentions and steadfast in their commitment. As the saying goes, "When we want something, all the universe conspires in helping us to achieve it."

Be vigilant. Pay attention to desires, question their origins, and choose to operate from a place of deep understanding and discipline. In doing so, we'll find a freedom that’s unparalleled, and a universe ready to champion our highest aspirations.

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